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Directed by Matthew Barbato & Nikki Parrot



Alexis Arquette She's My Brother focuses on a year and a half of dramatic change in the life of an enigmatic and outrageous Hollywood character. It's an intimate examination of Alexis' journey toward becoming male-to-female. Well known as an actor, drag persona ("Eva Destruction") and one of a family of celebrity siblings, it wasn't until a few years ago that Alexis began to live full-time "as a woman" and revealed to family and friends her plans to seek sex reassignment surgery. This film chronicles Alexis' struggles with the concerns of her family, the skepticism of the gay and drag community and the conventional wisdom of the medical-transgender industry. Through it all, Alexis continues to tear up the Los Angeles club scene and make frequent stops on the red carpet. Framed within the strange and surreal world of Hollywood celebrity, we see an intimate portrait of a funny, dynamic and flamboyant personality struggline with uncommon issues - and through her eyes, we're thrust into a thoroughly unique world.

In association with A&E and Channel Four

Official Selection

Tribeca Film Festival