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Directed By Lucy Walker



Devil's Playground explores the Amish ritual of Rumspringa, a coming-of-age "time for decision" presented to Amish youth when they must decide which path they will follow as adults... 16th Century religious scripture or 21st Century pleasure.

"Those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the Amish people -- and that would be most of us, I think; if you're Amish and you're reading this on the Internet, you're in BIG TROUBLE -- will find "Devil's Playground" an utterly fascinating documentary. For it examines a very unusual aspect of the faith, wherein 16-year-olds are allowed out into the world to get a taste of earthly pleasures before forever committing themselves to the Amish way of life. Some of those teens don't come back."

In Association with HBO & Channel Four

Official Selection

Sundance Film Festival