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Directed by Morgan Neville



A show about words and the people who use them. What's in a word? Oh, so much.

English is vexing. There is no egg in eggplant or ham in hamburger, neither apple nor pine in pineapple. English muffins were not invented in England nor French fries in France.

Billions of people use words, and so do some apes. But while most of us are content to just learn, speak and write words, The Joy of Lex can't leave it at that. Each and every word has its own story, about how it was created, shaped and changed by the generations who've used it. Every word has a secret life of its own; words are constantly in flux, being lost, found, picked apart, abused, overused, relished and relinquished.

The Joy of Lex will explore the surprising stories, passions, obsessions, misunderstandings, humor and sometimes shocking characters associated with words. This two-hour special will focus on the two greatest movements in the world of word "ebb" and "flow"

A two hour special for the Discovery Channel